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Koh Wao

An average depth in this sheltered bay is only 8 - 14 meters so it's a nice easy dive for the less experienced divers and a great way to dive yourself in if you have been out of the water for a while. The site has a fantastic selection of hard and soft corals with star corals and table staghorn corals being the most prominent. Here you will find a vast selection of colourful reef fish darting in and out of their coral homes, including fusiliers, yellow tails, banded angelfish and shoaling snappers. This sites is also an ideal spot for snorkeling and swimming.

Koh Wao Lek

A beautiful dive along the edge of the island, through caverns and swim throughs. Reaching a maximum depth of 15m, you'll be fascinated by the shoals of Rabbit fish and fusiliers and the abundance of pink anemone fish hiding in their homes. Blue spotted rays hide under the hard corals as you swim by while the wrasse and damsels play together in the shallows. This site is ideal for the beginner and more experienced diver with a relaxed dive in mind.

Hin Yippon

Located at the Northern most point of the Marine Park this Dive is not to be missed. Circumnavigating this small rock you'll find huge boulders forming fascinating swim thrus and alleyways that make perfect hiding places for large red snappers and groupers. Around the site you'll find large barrel sponges, numerous bushy corals and colourful sea fans, which make perfect shots for underwater photographers. The maximum depth here is 25 meters with a good average dive depth of 18 meters, which makes it an ideal site for novice and experienced divers alike.